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rusty's Home Page

picture of rusty

rusty is 7yrs years old.

His favourite food is Whiskas.

rusty's favourite toys. my cuddly called fred. i have had fred since i was one years old

Where rusty is from. rusty came from my freinds house

About rusty. i first got rusty when was 11 years old. he was my birhday present. he likes to sleep and eat allday long. at the moment we have 6 cats and one dog called billie. rusty gets along with all of them including the dog. when i go to sleep he there, when i wake up hes there, when i come home from school he comes to say hello.

pam's favourite poem:

i dont have a favourite poem about cats but i used love the programme called 'cats eyes'

Last updated: 2007-03-11

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