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Ms.'s Home Page

picture of Ms.

Ms. is 15 years old.

Her favourite food is Purina.

Ms.'s favourite toys. Small fur mice from Target, and she also likes to play with a remote controlled mouse also bought from Target, and like all cats she likes to chase a toy mouse that is attached to a string, she loves to interact with me.

Where Ms. is from. Rescued by the Minneapolis Cat Lady, Ms. Vickie LaChelt

About Ms.. Ms. Minnie loves watching the birds outside. Ms. Minnie Blu is strickly an indoor gal. Ms. Minnie Blu is my alarm clock, she tells me all phases of my day from when it is time to get up, time for work, time to eat, time to play, and time to rest for the night.

Dusty's favourite poem:

Ms. Minnie is a sweetheart

Last updated: 2013-12-08

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