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Treacle's Home Page

picture of Treacle

Treacle is 4 years old.

Her favourite food is Iams.

Treacle's favourite toys. Straws from a well known supermarket and a green/pink ball with a rattle in the middle.

Where Treacle is from. A friends cat had kittens-I chose her-she was the lovliest of them all-I called her Treacle because she is sweet.

About Treacle. Treacle is an indoor tabby/tortoiseshell-very affectionate-5 in May.She has just had a book published in her name-life through her eyes.Donations to the Cats Protection for sales of book.Here are the details-The Purrfect Little Cat Book-A Catalogue of My Life-With A little Help from My Owner by Treacle Pelling
ISBN no-9781425963729-8"x5"-6.80p rrp

Last updated: 2007-03-29

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