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Sweepea's Home Page

picture of Sweepea

Sweepea is 1 year old.

Her favourite food is Purina.

Sweepea's favourite toys. Twist tie and the things the seal gallons on milk oh and to chew on plastic grocery bags (dont worry i stop her when i see her)

Where Sweepea is from. Sweetpea was recued form an abusive family. They did not want her and wanted to throw her on the street, so they gave her to me.

About Sweepea. MY cat is a beautiful calico, she has the most wonderful temper i have ever seen. When I leave the house my mom says she walks about the house looking for me and crying. i love her so much and jugdeing from her reactions i beleive she loves me. she loves to sleep on anything that is mine and love to play with our dog. they are best friends!!!

Last updated: 2007-04-13

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