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Nubby's Home Page

picture of Nubby

Nubby is 1.5 years old.

His favourite food is Purina.

Nubby's favourite toys. Nubby loves to play with anything that he can bat all over the floor. He especially likes the plastic rings from the milk containers.

Where Nubby is from. Nubby came to our backdoor when he was just a tiny little thing.He is 1 of 3 cats in our home

About Nubby. He takes his daily naps on a bedroom chair. He is an indoor cat,who has a typical cat personality- Nubby has a regal air about him. He wants love and attention on HIS terms!He lets us know by rubbing his head on us and stretching out so one of us can scratch his tummy!

Last updated: 2007-04-22

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