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whisper's Home Page

picture of whisper

whisper is 9months years old.

Her favourite food is Purina.

whisper's favourite toys. whispers favorit toy would have to be his 9lives mouse toy. it is simply a plastic stick with a string at the end and a mouse hanging off!!! IT DRIVES HIM NUTS!!!

Where whisper is from. I looked in the newspaper and looked at a few kitties. but i liked whisper more beause he has a diffrent look. his nose is diffrent then most but he has a beautiful profile. this lady gave him to me and she was very nice.

About whisper. whisper likes to sleep during the day, and as all my cats have bin, very lazy. his favorit place is the back of the closet, or the couch. my kitty is an indoor cat and he is very clean. (he's not be the skinnist cat but he might be the cleanist). whisper has a spoiled personality. he can be very affectionet and lovey but he is also, like most cats, independent. he dosent always like to be handeld, especilly when napping. HE IS THE KING OF THE HOUSE!! he also has a very different nose. It is hard to explain, but it is sort of bummpy, but in a cute way!! i think is a definetly a very beautiful cat and i like his nose because it makes him diffrent and defines him so good.

Last updated: 2007-04-27

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