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Fluffy's Home Page

picture of Fluffy

Fluffy is 3 years old.

Her favourite food is Supermarket own brand.

Fluffy's favourite toys. A toy mice and our slippers which she uses to sharpens her claws.

Where Fluffy is from. She is a maine coon who adopted me when she came into my yard one day and never left. My wife does not realy like cats but Fluffy was an exception.

About Fluffy. She basiclly sleep preferrable upside down, clean her fur and be cute. she eats a little food and takes a nap and repeat the cycle over and over again. She lives outdoor but comes inside in the morning before i go to work and at night to eat dinner and clean her fur. Overall Fluffy has been a joy to own and I call her princess fluffy, the flufster, or fat cat because she so darn cute.

Last updated: 2007-05-21

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