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Princess patter paws's Home Page

picture of Princess patter paws

Princess patter paws is 1 year old.

Her favourite food is Supermarket own brand.

Princess patter paws's favourite toys. princess is sooooo good at playing she will play with anything somtimes that has its downsides (my toes at the back of the bed or my hair!)she especally enjoys balls or any toy she can chase she is a very rough and tumble cat and loves having a good round of tug of war or wresling match with her brother our toys have also been one of her faveroutes espesally that slide and trampline! also loves climbing trees certainly can outdo me in a tree climbing contest! is a little montster when your trying to make a bed!and loves to sleep will sleep anywhere the poem below is dedicated to her love of sleeping in the most strange places the washing basket firewood box and plastic bags are some faveroutes!

Where Princess patter paws is from. princess arived when I found a stray black tabby cat under the house we named her tigeress tigeress became a pest to our family attacking our two old cats that we had before tigeress arived and peeing all over our cubbords doors and any old item lying on the floor! As the days went on we found tigeress began to get fatter then one night she went bazzerk caterwauling and wiggling all through my sister brookes bed!Although she tryed to get tigeress out brooke evetuly gave up and sleept with the morning she had had kittens two of them one had a black nose he was a boy and one had a pink nose she was a girl! Although dad said we had to sell them eventuly he thought they were so cute he let us keep them! I got first pick since I,m the oldest I picked the girl I named her princess brooke got the boy she named him steve but because of his wwwaaaaiiiiiillllling meow he eventuly got the name skweaky!and because of her bad habit to trademark everything with wet muddy pawmarks princess soon got the nickname princess patter paws!!

About Princess patter paws. princess is a very special cat her faveroute things to do are sleeping witch she will do anywhere!playing she dosnt like playing by herself and always wants someone ele to play too. even if it is chicens although they dont think its muth of a game and think they are going to die!(she chases them round the house) her other two playmates are me and her brother skweaky those two have the best of fun together frolicing round the house play fighting wrigling around on the floor and finding things to chase often they end up looking so cute they end up poseing for the camera!princess loves to climb she will climb up anything whether its my bunk bed the roof or a tree witch she climbs right to the top another of princess hobbys is catching things wheather its a mouse (the lawn is covered in them) or a bird because of this we have a pet thrush.princess is a very special cat I love her very much!

Sophia rose's favourite poem:

cats sleep anywhere on a table on a chair in a wood box on the floor in the dogs bed by the door in the bed by your head right inside the washing bin on the shed roof made of tin in the hedge on a ledge in the flowers up tall towers cats sleep anywhere!

Last updated: 2007-06-30

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