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Ying's Home Page

picture of Ying

Ying is 1 year old.

His favourite food is Whiskas.

Ying's favourite toys. A feather on a dangly bit of string stuff! Fingers and hands make good toys! Hehe

Where Ying is from. The cats protection league...before that a multi cat household, hence why he was at the cats protection league.

About Ying. He likes exploring...lying in the shade...sitting on the window sill where he can see everything happening. He always miows when you come in the room and loves attention!
He is grey and very lightly tabby underneath thatm, because you can see lighter stripes and pathces.

Amz's favourite poem:

Hissing and clawing and biting and knawing.
Is this really a cat?
Purring and rubbing and rolling and kissing.
Now that sounds more like a cat!
My cat wont hurt you, so don't be scared.
But beware of his loud miow!

Last updated: 2009-09-12

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