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Sookita's Home Page

picture of Sookita

Sookita is 4-5 years old.

Her favourite food is Supermarket own brand.

Sookita's favourite toys. My watch, amazingly! She just nips at it and that when I take it off and dangle it in front of her face!

Where Sookita is from. A breeder somewhere about halfway between Bendigo and Melbourne, Australia.

About Sookita. We live among tons of gum trees so she is and outdoor cat. She is only friendly to me and hates strangers. Her daily routine is something like this:

Morning: Eat

Late Morning: Meow loudly. Be let outside.

Midday: Laze in the sun.

Afternoon: Wander off somewhere in accessible by humans.

Late afternoon: Eat, laze in sun, explore.

Night: Meow loudly, be let inside, sleep.

Sometimes she will eat in between times but otherwise, thats it!

Tash's favourite poem:

The Cat Of The House

Author: Ford Madox Ford (1873-1939)

Over the hearth with my 'minishing eyes I muse; until after
the last coal dies.
Every tunnel of the mouse,
every channel of the cricket,
I have smelt,
I have felt
the secret shifting of the mouldered rafter,
and heard
every bird in the thicket.
I see
Nightingale up in the tree!
I, born of a race of strange things,
of deserts, great temples, great kings,
in the hot sands where the nightingale never sings!

Last updated: 2010-04-25

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