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Sheba's Home Page

picture of Sheba

Sheba is 4 years old.

Her favourite food is Brekkies.

Sheba's favourite toys. She dosent really have any toys, but she loves to curl up with my blanket on my bed.

Where Sheba is from. We went to the local humane society and she was scratching on the cage and when we went to her she wouldn't stop licking. :)

About Sheba. She sleeps with me at night, and is super cute. Shes a calico, though i think shes more of a tabby. Shes sleeping right now on my bed, and she is chewing on my blanket occasinoaly. She like to play with me, and attacks everything she sees moving, including the occasinial ''foot under the blanket''. Shes pretty stubborn, but i guess two oppisites bond. :) She eats a lot, and she only eats food wit hher name. Sheba. Haaa. Not kiddin....

Last updated: 2011-03-14

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