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Janice's Home Page

picture of Janice

Janice is 11 months years old.

Her favourite food is Supermarket own brand.

Janice's favourite toys. Midnight Crazies (plastic balls with bells inside them)

Where Janice is from. She was very tiny when we found her at a car wash. A fural.

About Janice. Even though she was a feral, she was very friendly and tamed easily. Affectionate and very beautiful, we are sure she is a bombay. She is mostly an indoor cat, but when she goes out she never roams very far. She always comes in at night, which is a good thing because we live next to a very large strip of land and there can be coyotes at night. She is currently 11 months old, spayed and her best friend is Phill, our other black cat. Though he can't be a bombay because he is longhaired and is not very heavy for ihis size.

Last updated: 2011-05-27

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