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Bertie Pippin Stripeypants's Home Page

picture of Bertie Pippin Stripeypants

Bertie Pippin Stripeypants is 1 year old.

His favourite food is Iams.

Bertie Pippin Stripeypants's favourite toys. Our new 10 week old puppy!

Where Bertie Pippin Stripeypants is from. I rescued him as a 6 week old kitten, from a farm.

About Bertie Pippin Stripeypants. Berties favourite place is on our bed, laid with his head on a pillow. He is mostly an indoor cat, he doesn't wander far from home now, after giving us all a scare when he disappeared for five nights in February! He is a very gentle giant, he has gone from being a poorly, wheezy, watery eyed kitten to a beautiful, sweet natured, stripey fellow!

Last updated: 2011-08-30

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