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Dominikity's Home Page

picture of Dominikity

Dominikity is years old.

Her favourite food is Iams.

Dominikity's favourite toys. A bouncing ball, a tennis ball, anything that moves or makes noise.

Where Dominikity is from. Dominkitty came from an unknown shelter. Unknown as in I don't know the name of it.

About Dominikity. Dominikitty is an indoor cat, and she is the cutest little angel on the face of the planet! She seems to like licking very soft blankets, and sitting on her scratching post, which I call her "Throne". She loves going anywhere I am. She'll sleep with me, go into the bathroom while I take a shower, sit on the back of my chair when I'm typing, she'll go everywhere with me. She's a kitten, so that makes her even more adorable!

Last updated: 2011-12-05

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