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George (AKA Mr. Mojo)'s Home Page

picture of George (AKA Mr. Mojo)

George (AKA Mr. Mojo) is 0 years old.

His favourite food is home cooked.

George (AKA Mr. Mojo)'s favourite toys. He likes doggy toys, especially a miniature sock monkey. Other than that, he prefers ghetto toys such as crumpled up junk-mail, yarn, grocery bags, empty cereal boxes (opened at both ends like a "tunnel"), wagging dog tails, and any fast moving flying insects, like moths.

Where George (AKA Mr. Mojo) is from. The stork unexpectedly delivered him to my front porch. He was in a basket, wrapped snugly in a cozy baby blanket. He looked up at me with his little baby face and seemed to ask if I was his "mama."

About George (AKA Mr. Mojo). He was apparently born with a built in Slinky as he is long, skinny, and extremely flexible. He is very smart. He enjoys "jack-knifing" the vertical blinds, at the big sliding door, to create a warm sunny spot to lay in. His favourite thing is going outside on a leash to explore "his jungle." (However, he's not keen on the chicken coop, yet.) He appreciates treats: scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, and smoked sausage. He is in training to go potty in the toilet.

Becca's favourite poem:

He is unsure why anyone would intentionaly go for rides in the car...

Last updated: 2012-06-28

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