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Midnight's Home Page

picture of Midnight

Midnight is 4 years old.

Her favourite food is Brekkies.

Midnight's favourite toys. Nature is her best toy.
Midnight is half wild, she can wander so, I guess her favourite toy is nature!

Where Midnight is from. Her mother was wandering around our area, from shed to shed with Midnight and Midnights sister Morgan.
Someone on our street was going to tell some animal home center, but either never got round to it or wasn't replied to.
We started feeding them and they stayed.

I can't really give an answer in one sentence but, here's my try: the street... our shed... her mum's womb.

About Midnight. Midnight is an outdoor cat.

She wanders around during the day, but sometimes stays in the garden.

She comes back at eight to eat.

Midnight likes to sit on my trampoline, the sofa and sometimes she comes into the bedroom and sits on my bed.

I sort of trained her to come in and out of our kitchen window.

Last updated: 2014-08-05

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