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Specks's Home Page

picture of Specks

Specks is 9 years old.

His favourite food is Whiskas.

Specks's favourite toys. My hand... nom nom nom.

Where Specks is from. Pet shelter, after being found in a gutter as a kitten.

About Specks. He is a lazy, fat tom who spends his time either taking up all the room on my bed, sleeping in sunbeams, eating rats in the shed or mauling me.He gets annoyed easily, but he`s a big teddy bear when he isn`t.

His owner`s's favourite poem:

Busy, busy

It`s 8am and it`s time to nap.
It`s 10am and it`s time to snooze
It`s 12pm and it`s time to relax.
It`s 3pm and it`s time to snore.
It`s 6pm and it`s time to zonk out.
It`s 9pm and it`s time to sleep.
It`s 12am and it`s time to yawn.
It`s 4am and it`s time to hang upside down from your bedroom ceiling, screaming.

Last updated: 2015-09-14

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