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Tilly's Home Page

picture of Tilly

Tilly is 3 years old.

Her favourite food is home cooked.

Tilly's favourite toys. anything she can tear apart, any toy with catnip

Where Tilly is from. stray, she was found by a neighbours dog with Firbee (who has now gone missing) in a carboard box, she was 5 weeks Firbee about 8 weeks

About Tilly. Her name is Tilly but its short for Atilla the Hun, when I brought her and Firbee home I had to tell my dog. So I left them in the box and when I returned she had gone missing. 3 hours later and the room turned upside down I found her in a little glass cupboard hiding behind a pottery cat. She is feisty and the most loving cat you would wish to meet. She isnt a lap cat but will sit by you side and lay on your head forever. She is a great hunter and has had one litter, she is now spayed and we have kept one kitten Olly who is now grown up, but she doesnt realise this and treats him like a baby all the time. She is just the most loving, difficult female I have ever met. She sleeps on the rat cage in expectation. She is blind in one eye (since we got her) but she never seems to notice this

Last updated: 2006-08-29

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