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Fflur's Home Page

picture of Fflur

Fflur is 1 year old.

Her favourite food is Iams.

Fflur's favourite toys. Her favourite toy is a soft rabbit that she sleeps with and carries round everywhere!

Where Fflur is from. She is a Munchkin, that I bred myself mother Blackberry father Alfie.

About Fflur. She loves to play with a squeaky rubber fish on a piece of string and when she wants to play with it, she brings it to me like a dog! She runs round my garden with her best friends from my cattery. Their names are Jess and Sparkle. But she also love to sleep and she beds down in a pink cat castle filled with blankets she dragged in and her soft rabbit toy. When I am working in my cattery or away breeding she hunts, running around with whichever cats she can find, pouncing on small animals and birds and (unfortunately!)bringing them back and putting them on my shoes!
Fflur is a lap cat but she also LOVES to run around! Her favourite places to hide are on top of my wardrobe (it's a small one, don't worry!), right at the end of the garden and in the cat seat on the radiator.
She is a very friendly cat who loves people and is so sweet!

Last updated: 2007-02-15

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